Elephants’ Call Book 4 Astral Legacies

This is the fourth in this series, and I read it to see what the fuss was about (and also to get through another book quickly đŸ˜‰ ) These are easy reads in my mind, and obviously intended to be slightly educational. I just skipped over the gps location bits as there was no real need for it – I’m not a visual reader in that I don’t make mind pictures of where I’m at, so it didn’t make any difference to me to know what the locations my hero was visiting.

Speaking of the hero, I found him rather grating. Not much of a challenge when basically all you do to trek around a continent is pull out your dad’s credit card and charter helicopters, cars and so on. And the hordes of villains chasing him were remarkably incompetent. But I’m probably judging this against novel standards and thinking that this is rather tame – perhaps if I revisited a Willard Price type book I’d find it much in keeping.

Having to do a puzzle at the back of the book before I could read the final chapter was very annoying. Or it would have been, had I not looked at the puzzle and just known the answer straight off – it seems to me that the gps locations are well known enough that for most adults the answers are just general knowledge.

I can see that for some children these books may well entertain and amuse, but for my avid readers they just caused roadblocks and snags. And I’d warn against packing them as holiday reading unless you are going somewhere you have ready internet access, as you can’t read the final chapter and conclusion without it.

This book was sent to us free by the publisher Top That! Publishing as part of a challenge our family is doing to read 100 books in January to try to raise money to build a library with Oxfam Unwrapped. You can read all about the challenge and our progress on my main blog, Making it up.


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    That was a really useful and honest review. Thank you so much. I will be reading more of your reviews to find out what you like and don’t like as it will help me in choosing books my kids might like (they are aged 12, 9 and 3).

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